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Indian tactics used during the Tactical

by Mark Grigg

During the fighting I noticed one of the enemy standing guard on a rise and I called for our Captain Paul Clark. I informed him that there was one or more of the enemy within sight. I used the tall grass to crawl through and gain ground on him. Once through the grass and over the rise I thought to circle around him.

During my sneak I heard firing all about me. But I had been unseen so far and kept going. Having made the other side of the rise I endeavored to circle my prey. Staying away from dry leaves and sticks to be as silent as possible I got behind him. I noticed him taking aim on one of my fellows in arms. I walked silently up to him actually closer than is allowed for a safe shot under the rules of the tactical. I noticed that several of the wounded noncombatants had stopped on the rise to watch the game play out. Finally not wanting him to take his shot at my team mate I spoke almost in his ear. "Prisoner or Dead, Your choice." I saw him jerk his head and pull off his capote hood to see his dilemma. He saw how close I was to him and behind him and He used one of the strange words I notice white men use when they are not happy. He wisely choice to surrender and saved me some powder but I lost a good scalp. Some white men are like children in the woods and it is almost to easy and not so much an honor to kill one such as this


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