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First Annual Ladies-Only Gathering

by Tammy White

It was a warm November day, when Marg and I arrived at Cadron Settlement. This was Marg’s first trip to the Settlement. Mark had arrived ahead to open the blockhouse for us. After looking around and leaving offerings to the Spirits, Marg and I started setting up house while waiting for the other ladies to arrive. Beds were set up on the second floor. Then we got busy with getting the candles and the lanterns ready as the light was starting to fade.

Kathy and Bryant arrived next with Suzann arriving shortly after that. Suzann joined us from Kansas City, MO. It was wonderful to have her join us. The first evening was getting to know each other and planning the next day.

Bryant slept down on the main floor and keep the fireplace going during the night. The ladies slept on the second floor and decide that we did not need a fire. With lots of caulking missing between the logs, one had to think about were to set up the beds.

We woke up Sat morning to light shining through the gaps between the logs. Since I am getting into my Irish/ Scottish heritage, I decided to make Scottish eggs for breakfast. The first one was crispy on the outside and raw on the inside. With Suzanna’s help the other ones turned out good. Scottish eggs are great to make ahead and reheat at camp. They are not bad cold either.

After breakfast, Bryant and Marg started getting the outside oven ready for baking. Mark had given Marg and I instructions the day before. The first try was not successful. Marg must not of listened to Mark’s instruction. Or Mark forgot an important detail..... When the fire goes out then close the oven up so the hot coal can heat up the oven. It will heat up with the door not in place but it makes it very difficult to bake bread. We could not get it hot enough. Thank goodness Betty came along and pointed out the mistake. So Bryant made another fire in the oven. WOW, the bread and sweet rolls were great.

Betty showed us how to use a beading loom. And renew Suzanna’s interest in beading. Betty could not camp with us but we were glad she was able to join us for the day.

Kathy brought her bobbin lace and tried her best to teach me. Well, it will take several more lessons for me. Kathy makes beautiful lace.

Bryant also instructed us in Basic Trekking. Even if we never get to the woods, he gave us lots of good ideas. Now to get us ladies packs together and convince Bryant he wants to take us on our first trek.

Suzann made a beautiful gown for a Christmas party but she felt it did not fit just right. With help from the ladies and a few minor adjustments, the gown looked great on her. She will be turning heads at that party.

The dyeing project was a success also. We obtain a bright bold gold from the Osage orange shaving that we used. We also obtained a bright yellow. Alum was the only mordant used.. Next time I will used tin and copper for the mordant.

Kathy and Bryant cooked supper for us. The meal was great and Marg’s bread was the prefect finishing touch. Sat night, the fireplaces were blazing on both floors. We sleep comfortable thru the night. Everyone took turns tending the fire.

Sun morning was a day of discover. One chamber pot and four ladies has the potential to turn into disaster. Next time the drinking will stop at sun set. Thanks for bringing the throne Marg. Suzann headed out first then Kathy and Bryant. Marg and I left last. Mark rejoined us that morning to help close the blockhouse.

I would like to thank all the ladies for attending the first annual COHT Ladies Gathering. A big thanks to Bryant for watching over us. And for Mark for taking wonderful care of the blockhouse. And a big thanks to the Arkansas COHT for sponsoring the event. There will be a second gathering next Nov. I would encourage ladies to attend ,it is a great way to meet ladies and expanded your knowledge of the 18th century.

See you down the trail



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