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We had a great time at the 6th Annual 2007 Georgia CoHT Gathering at Talton Woods
August 30th - September 3rd, 2007
See the Pics!


Welcome fellow trekker to the Georgia web page. My name is Tom Cissell and this is my lovely bride, Mary. We have been involved in Living History since the bi-centennial. Back then I portrayed a western mountain man. Since then I have evolved my personna to that of an eastern farmer/hunter/militiaman. I am still learning and my personna is still evolving.

The GA CoHT members are varied in their interest in our American history. We are a family oriented group and welcome all with a similar interest. Choose a time period in which to build your persona, and let us help you to develop it.

Each of us is at a different level in our ability to adhere to period correct language, skills, and behavior, so we enjoy having folks of all levels from beginner to expert come join us at the various events, camps, treks, and skills weekends that we hold each year. Take a look at the calendar of events in the GA CoHT Newsletter. We hope to see you around our fire soon!

Please feel free to explore the Georgia CoHT Website by using the links in the box at the bottom right side of this page. I hope that you'll find many things of interest in these pages.

I am always open to comments and suggestions, so please feel free to contact me. You can reach me anytime by any of the contact methods in the box below.

I am looking forward to working with you and I respectfully remain

Tom Cissell
State Rep
108 Westwind Pkwy
Ball Ground, GA 30107

Some of GA's CoHT Members
Plans are in the works
for the
2008 CoHT National Gathering
at Fort Osage
April 16 - 20, 2008
Keep an eye out here for more information!!
We're already thinking
about the
7th Annual
2008 Georgia CoHT Gathering

at Talton Woods.
Contact the state rep for details!

The GA CoHT is involved in a lot of different activities! Here are some links you might enjoy!

In September 2007, the GA CoHT organized and participated in an awesome camp for homeschoolers near Helen, GA to teach 18th skills. This was the 3rd annual camp we held. Read about the camp here!

Pictures of the homeschool camp.

Many of the members of the GA CoHT are involved at Fort Yargo, a late 18th century trade fort in Winder, GA. Visit the website to see more.

Last updated February 6, 2008